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The lucky price of $88 of property management services for your residential property

The service include

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We will call you. If you have a current property manager, we will contact them and end the contract on your behalf.


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we will inspect your property. We will inspect your property and send you video and photo assessment of your property

Our inspection are above industry standards because they are conducted by experienced staff and building experts who can pre-empt issues such as; mould, structural defects or other issues.

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What's the Catch

Most other real estate agent adds property management to their primary goals of sales and leasing. We are the opposite. Our primary goal has always been to protect the assets of our clients. Now we can extend this offer to you.   The catch is Kaz Property is able to offer this price our business is organised in a different way to the agencies. Our primary goal has always been superior management. Kaz Property began as an operation between several companies to create a service specifically designed to offer superior quality management for their assets. For this reason, we have we have developed a range of services from maintenance to legal, to financial services that coordinate to provide cost-effective solutions to property management.

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For 20 years Kaz Property has provided superior property management services for a boutique client base. We have developed a broad range of services specifically designed to provide an effective property management solution that other real estate agents cannot provide. Our expertise spans from; legal, construction to maintenance.