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As owners of over one hundred properties in Sydney, we understand the importance of protecting and maximizing the return on your investment. Kaz Property is the property arm of the Kaz Family of Companies, an expertise hub in legal, finance, development, technology, marketing and philanthropy.


As market leaders on asset returns, we anticipate market trends to keep your investments on the leading edge. We charge the right rent, market aggressively, vet tenants rigorously.


With access to our trusted network of trades, you will enjoy premium quality repairs, cleaning, and  maintenance services at in-house rates. Kaz clients also receive the benefits of discounted legal, financial, and construction services.


Sit back and relax. Every one of our clients is  assigned to a dedicated, senior property manager. Your direct and trusted point of contact will ensure all your property needs are met in a timely manner.



With automated rent debits, payment reminders, and tenant and landlord portals, our digital workflows and services ensure seamless  and effective property management.

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* Our savings calculator assumes your current agent charges the commonly incurred $5 monthly administration fee, $50 annual Tax Statement Fee, and 1/2 a week’s rent for the renewal of the fixed term tenancy agreement which occurs annually. The calculation includes the 3 month free management offer. Kaz Property does not charge admin, sundries, or tax statement fees.

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Kaz Property manages property all over Greater Sydney, but with most of our properties in the CBD and surrounds, we excel in serving this area. This includes close relationships with Stratas, Council, utilities providers, contractors as well as knowing where the opportunities lie in the city.

What this means for you? Superior, more responsive service at far cheaper rates thanks to our CBD based in-house teams.

We serve multiple property owners Australia wide, and single property owners in the following areas:

Crows Nest,
Bondi Junction,
St Leonards,
Bellevue Hill,
Queens Park,
The Rocks,
Millers Point,
Walsh Bay,
Dawes Point,
Potts Point,
Balmain East,
Elizabeth Bay,
Milsons Point,
Rushcutters Bay,
McMahons Point,
Surry Hills,
Lavender Bay,
Darling Point,
Forest Lodge,
Cremorne Point,
Kurraba Point,
North Sydney,
Double Bay,
Centennial Park,
Neutral Bay,
Moore Park,
Point Piper,

Kaz Property is always there to be responsive and address needs swiftly. We are your trusted eyes and ears on the ground. Our cleaning services, that we can optionally integrate into your tenants rent, means we can have one of our people in your unit weekly and they can monitor the condition of your property. Our regular inspections deliver photo and video reports of your property straight to your inbox every six months.

You never have to speak to your existing property manager again. Simply speak to us. We will send a letter on your behalf, and do the rest. Even if your management agency contract has not expired.

Kaz Property was designed by property owners to deliver a quality of service that every day real estate agents could not. Kaz Property puts service of your property as the first priority, focussed on keeping it tenanted and in great condition. 

What this means for you? We share your goals. To maximise the full potential of your property and to maintain its condition for the long term.

If your property is untenanted, we will get it on the market with professional photography and video walkthrough within 48 hours of signing. The photos and videos will cost you nothing. 

And we will find a suitable tenant within three weeks.

Kaz Property has keen understanding of the rental market, especially in the CBD. We were able to have 90 per cent tenancy during peak COVID lockdowns, and have a list of corporate tenants always willing to pay at or above market rates. This is because the quality of our properties and service creates loyalty. This means better tenants, less vacancy and tenants who respect and treat the property as their own.

Joining Kaz gives you access to the expertise of the broader Kaz family of companies.  This includes builders, project managers, lawyers and more to help you navigate a path for your property. We can create a plan that uses our trusted network of companies that helps you strategically invest in maintenance and renovation, at below market rates, to increase your yield. Sometimes this can even be done with little to no outlay on your part, utilising your rental income to improve your property and secure a better tenant. Talk to us to discuss your situation to see how we can help.

Large real estate agencies treat you like a number. they give the management of your property over to junior staff, including the crucial inspections. Small agencies sometimes lack the resources to give your property the expert attention it needs. Kaz is in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone where it is boutique enough that you will be treated as an individual, but also has a wealth of knowledge and experience well beyond property management, that serves your property in a unique way.

A property manager knows your property inside out. They maintain a relationship with the tenant, the strata, the building management, local council and even the neighbourhood. They know the best rent you can get from the property.

A property manager makes sure the tenant is paying and taking care of the property.

A property manager conducts inspections, and ensures all paperwork is in order. 

If a property is vacant, our Kaz  property managers are also responsible for leasing the unit. 

They will employ professional photography and videography (free of charge) and put the property on the market within 48 hours. 

They will vet potential tenants, negotiate a rental price at or above market, and take care of all paperwork. 

The best way to get the maximum return for your investment is with a good property manager. Not only for the short term ensuring the rent is collected, but also in the longer term to ensure that the property remains in a condition to not become a liability with repairs and maintenance. 

A good property manager not only finds you excellent tenants, but also maintains a healthy relationship with them so they are committed to keeping your property in excellent condition. Tenants know when a property is being poorly managed or self managed, and they adjust their attitude and behaviour towards the rent and the property accordingly. A proactively managed property, where the property manager knows within minutes when the rent is late, is noticed by the tenant and keeps their priorities focussed on treating the property well.  

A great property manager also preempts problems so small fixable issues do not turn into major disasters. A great property manager knows when and how to increase your rental yield. They also stay on top of all payments, maintain relationships with council, strata, building management, utilities and trades. 

Every day that a property remains untenanted is lost income, so a property manager pays for themselves when they can get the property tenanted faster and with a better quality tenant paying a premium. 

Where a property manager really pays off is when the relationship with the tenant sours. Kaz Property’s legal experience ensures that matters are resolved quickly, in your favour and can get the property back to earning your income. 

Kaz Property specialises in multi-property portfolios for our high net worth clients. We can create customised reporting, liaise directly with your accountant, send video and photo inspections, and evening arranging quarterly debriefs on the state of your properties.
We can tailor a solution so that Kaz Property feels like it is your personal property management company.  Our high net worth clients also enjoy the benefits of financial, legal and investment advice from our associated professional services.

We charge below the standard market rate of 6%, but the real savings come when we  add in the extra services at no extra cost. This includes free videography, photography, and in-house maintenance and cleaning rates.  For a full breakdown of fees, fill out the form on this page and we will send you a breakdown. 

Our Services

Management Services
4.95% inc GST
Leasing Services
based on $500 weekly rent

What make us different

Benefits Others Kaz
Best Tenants
- In-depth tenant background checks
Best Rent
- Market rental analysis
Best Rental Collection
- All rent directly debited
- If failed payment the tenant's credit card is charged
- Rent collection via affiliated law firm - Kaz Law Corporation
Best Maintenance
- Proactive monitoring
- Management of all maintenance
- Buying power through affiliated construction firm - Kaz Construction
Best Marketing
- Professional photography and video walkthrough at no extra cost for vacant properties
- Listings on all major property advertisers

Our brand values.


Provided expert guidance for our clients and retained profitability during COVID

Attention to detail

Inspections are carried out by senior management, and reviewed by expert builders.


We treat your property like we treat our own. And we bring you in to enjoy the broader benefits of the Kaz Family of Companies.


The team of trusted experts across the broader Kaz network  are always there to collaborate and solve your issues.


Our best in class digital workflows give you all your information at your fingertips at all times.


Kaz Property was built to meet the exacting standards of our high net worth clients. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Benefits Self managed Agents Kaz

Bring vacant properties to market within 48hrs

Professional photography and video walkthrough at no extra cost for vacant properties
Switch agent without the owner having to contact previous agent
In-house cleaning service
Discounts on associated professional services
Highly vetted professional trades at in-house prices
Rent guarantee option available
In-house cleaning option offered to tenants
Professional builders review inspection reports to preempt issues
Credit card payment options for tenants
Instant reminders to tenants of non payment of rent

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