Property Management

Maximum Returns

Our aim is to ensure your property portfolio receives maximum returns by keeping rental income high and costs low.

Project Management

We make sure your property is rented for the best possible price to a tenant who is background checked and ensure the rent is always collected.

Kaz Property delivers an outstanding property management service; managing all types of property portfolios.

We seek to provide the highest possible rental incomes by consistently monitoring market rental levels and applying increases where

We manage all repairs and maintenance, negotiating maintenance contracts to reduce property management expenses. We utilize our buying power through our affiliated construction services firm (Kaz – Constructions) to keep the costs associated with repairs and maintenance to a minimum.

We are committed to low vacancy rates; we place quality tenants into our client’s properties who are fully vetted.

We have a zero-tolerance for rental arrears; we utilize the following unique methods to ensure our landlords get paid on time:


All tenants pay rent via direct debit payments;


The ability for tenants to pay rent on credit cards (should direct debit fail); and


We are affiliated with a law firm (Kaz – Law Corporation) and utilise this special arrangement to ensure rental arrears are vehemently chased.

We conduct property inspections of our client’s properties to minimize the risk of damage caused by tenants. We proactively rectify issues before they become problematic. We manage your administrative processing and reporting. Clients can securely access their portfolio data 24/7 via our online owner’s portal.

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