Client gain access to an invaluable database of domestic & international high-net-worth individuals & institutional investors.

We specialise in the sale of development sites, large commercial and residential assets. We work closely with landholders, developers, financiers and end purchasers, locally and overseas to provide rapid property transactions.

Our differential is our unique off-market selling strategy, which in many cases results in clients disposing of assets before they hit the market with a zero marketing cost. 

Many of the clients we act for wish to maintain a high level of privacy and deal directly with qualified, motivated buyers. Therefore, the majority of the properties we sell are not advertised for the general public to view.

We, please request any serious prospective purchasers/sellers to contact us to discuss prime local and international property opportunities.


We find the best tenants at the best lease terms and ensure you retain them for lasting value.

Our experienced leasing agents provide expert marketing and leasing advice for all property asset classes.

We develop highly strategic leasing campaigns that embrace cutting edge technologies and the most up-to-date marketing tools that display your property in the best possible way to attract the most desirable tenants.

We seek to provide the highest possible rental income for your asset on the most favourable terms by actively negotiating every lease and tenancy.

We are also able to manage your asset once a lease has been entered into, constantly monitoring rental levels and costs to ensure your asset receives maximum returns.

Project Marketing

Our job is to secure you the highest possible returns. We understand your target market and devise strategic marketing plans that engage them.

We provide project marketing across all major property sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial.

Our job is to secure you the highest possible returns. We understand your target market and devise strategic marketing plans that engage them.

Our experienced team of sales agents, marketers and public relations consultants collaborate together to create highly competitive sales environments in which projects sell out.

Clients often benefit from our direct, cost-effective selling strategy, thanks to Kaz Property’s finely tuned knowledge of the market, superior negotiation skills and established relationships with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, locally and overseas.


Our aim is to ensure your property portfolio receives maximum returns by keeping rental income high and costs low.

Kaz Property delivers an outstanding property management service; managing all types of property portfolios.

We seek to provide the highest possible rental incomes by consistently monitoring market rental levels and applying increases where appropriate.

We manage all repairs and maintenance, negotiating maintenance contracts to reduce property management expenses. We utilise our buying power through our affiliated construction services firm (Kaz Constructions) to keep the costs associated with repairs and maintenance to a minimum.

We are committed to low vacancy rates; we place quality tenants into our client’s properties who are fully vetted.

We have a zero-tolerance for rental arrears, we are affiliated with a law firm (Law Corporation) and utilise this unique arrangement to ensure rental arrears are vehemently chased.

We conduct property inspections of our client’s properties to minimize the risk fromdamage caused by tenants. We proactively rectify issues before they become problematic.

We manage your administrative processing and reporting. Clients can securely access their portfolio data 24/7 via our online owner’s portal.